Our company envisions itself to be the number one preferred solutions provider for turn-key data center projects – be it fixed or on mobile in the next five years. MDIT envisions greater synchronicity of innovative products and solutions. Also, to be the best in terms of consumer value, customer service, and employee expertise which will lead us to a consistent and predictable growth.


Our fundamental responsibility is to satisfy our clients by building reliable and high-quality data centers and network projects, bringing them into the next level of innovation and technological breakthrough. We will enthusiastically strive to exceed client’s needs and expectations through well-coordinated team work. We commit ourselves to insatiable quest for technological product enhancement and workplace excellence resulting to collectible learning, that is deemed to be valuable to exceed client’s needs even if they have a challenging business project requirements.


Maximum Data Infrastructure Technology, Inc. (MDIT) mainly concentrates on the design and construction of Data Center infrastructure facilities. Our nine years of experience in this business paved way for us to be an expert, effective and efficient Data Center company. We were trained in the field of architectural, mechanical, electrical, air-conditioning and other relevant works to Data Center design and construction.

 We have an in-house Architect, professional Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Aircon Technicians, which are all available 24/7 including holidays, for on-site and remote technical support. We have a solid experience in the field of Data Center monitoring, access control, video surveillance, building management system, precision cooling system, power, UPS, data racks and Project Implementation. Our engineering staff has become specialists in the field of UPS design as well as maintaining the Server Room and Rack Cooling Systems with remote management capabilities.



MDIT specializes in:

    Fixed or Containerized Data Center Construction
    Containerized Data Center is a complete Data Center Solution which combines all the most advanced IT Products such as cooling, power, racks, monitoring system, surveillance system and other infrastructure management in a dry high cube container van.

Data Center Rehabilitation
Protecting our client’s Data Center is our ultimate goal. Rehabilitating and upgrading it is much that we can offer. Restoring data center to its good condition by improving its equipment, cables, security and ventilation will make data center more productive and effective.

Mobile Data Center
    This multi-purpose containerized vehicle packed with complete data center equipment, cooling system and wireless communication can be deploy anytime and anywhere for rapid post-disaster recovery, command center for tactical military operation, mobile education and health mission.


Data Center Integration and Real-Time Monitoring & Control
    Maximizing the power of technology, Data Center can now be monitored real-time thru insightful information via iPhone or smartphone. Controlling of lights, cooling system, CCTV cameras, power energy and alarms are in the palm of your hand anywhere and anytime.



With our primarily goal to serve our clients excellently and meet their satisfaction, we partnered with top-of-the-line manufacturers to give our clients the most updated and high quality products of data center facilities that our clients need. Below are some of the high-end manufacturers that we can offer to our clients:



Legrand is a French industrial group. From control and connection interfaces to cable management, power distribution and voice-data-image (VDI) systems distribution, it provides a host of solutions designed to manage lighting, energy, networks and building access. In terms of sales, the firm is a world leader in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks. As the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand's offering covers seven strategic fields of activity: (1) User interface (switches, power sockets, VDI sockets and more), (2) Energy distribution (distribution panels, circuit breakers and more), (3) Building systems (lighting management, security systems and more), (4) Cable management (trunking, floor boxes and more), (5) Digital infrastructure (enclosures, patch panels, RJ45 sockets and more), (6) UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and (7) Installation components (tubes, ducts, extensions and more)



Dintek is a Taiwan-based company which offers a diverse array of innovative products ranging from Telecom Connectors to Backplane systems and LAN cabling systems. DINTEK is a professional provider of system design, manufacture and application services in the fields of CompactPCI/ PXI/ AdvancedTCA/ MicroTCA. These products have been successfully used in High Available Applications Fields such as Telecommunication and Network, Industrial Control and Measurement, High Performance Computer and Blade Server, Military and Aerospace.



Airtek focuses on: Building Management and Control System such as BACnet Building Automation System and Web-Embedded Fan Coil Unit Control System. This Taiwanese company also offers Actuators and Sensors like, Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Flow sensors, Air Quality Detectors, Electrical Dampers, Control Valves and others (Transformer, Display, Auxiliary Relay).



Emerson deals a full spectrum of on-site support services for monitoring, access control and management, power, batteries, racks, precision cooling products including maintenance.



HIKVision is the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. The company’s complete product suite includes Smart IP cameras, HD analog cameras, speed domes, NVRs, DVRs, video management software, access control and alarm systems, encoders, decoders, and other elements of sophisticated security systems.