SJ Manufacturing was established in Singapore in 1982, SJ Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of enclosure systems within the Asia Pacific region.




SmartRak® is an entry level rack made to meet today’s installers ever changing requirements. The offset variant allows maximum cabling space for higher density structured cabling applications. SmartRak® builds on experience in the networking enclosure market allows for 19” and ETSI standard equipment to be installed into the same rack.



・Front and Rear Fully perforated Metal Door up-to 63%ventilation (Options: Glass door)

・Side panels with latches

・Fully vented tops

・3 heights – 27U, 42U & 45U

・2 Width options – 600mm or 800mm

・2 Depth option – 800mm or 1000mm

・Top fan tray for 2 fans (optional)

・Cable entry point provided for top access

・Front and rear 19" panel mounts on 600 wide racks

・Front and rear 19" reducing channel on 800 wide racks with EIA Plastic Windows and bobbins

・Adjustable Feet, 100mm Plinth or Heavy duty castors

・SWL rating to 500kg

・Finished: Power Coated Paint (Black), RAL 1003

・Supplied fully assembled and configured

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SJ Cold Aisle Containment

Dealing with data center temperature problems can be quite challenging when there is zero downtime windows. SJ Cold Aisle Containment is specially designed for today’s data center cooling systems. It’s unique airflow management strategy can produce significant and measureable economic benefits. 

SJ Cold Aisle Containment is designed to allow cool air to raise from the plenum under the raised floor, through perforated floor tiles. In the cold aisle, the server or equipment racks are arranged toface each other so that the cool air through the perforated floor tiles are drawn into the equipment cooling inlets in the rack. Hot air is expelled at the rear of the rack. Hot air is directed back to the air conditioning system within the data center.




  • Polycarbonate Snap-on Roof Panels (A)


  • Roof supporting Bracket (B)


  • Roof Center Supporting Bracket(C)


  • Sliding Perspex Door Frame with Door Seal (D)


  • Perforated raised floor tiles


  • 1U / 3U EzSnap blanking panel


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