Fixed or Containerized Data Center Construction

Containerized Data Center is a complete Data Center Solution which combines all the most advanced IT Products such as cooling, power, racks, monitoring system, surveillance system and other infrastructure management in a dry high cube container van.

Data Center Rehabilitation

Protecting our client’s Data Center is our ultimate goal. Rehabilitating and upgrading it is much that we can offer. Restoring data center to its good condition by improving its equipment, cables, security and ventilation will make data center more productive and effective.

Mobile Data Center

This multi-purpose containerized vehicle packed with complete data center equipment, cooling system and wireless communication can be deploy anytime and anywhere for rapid post-disaster recovery, command center for tactical military operation, mobile education and health mission.


Data Center Integration and Real-Time Monitoring & Control

Maximizing the power of technology, Data Center can now be monitored real-time thru insightful information via iPhone or smartphone. Controlling of lights, cooling system, CCTV cameras, power energy and alarms are in the palm of your hand anywhere and anytime.